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St. Joseph is located on Interstate 29 about an hour north of Kansas City. The population is more than 75,000. There are commercial services such as hotels, shopping and other services in the area. Nearby attractions include many historical pioneer sites and the Missouri River.

Eclipse Viewing Venues

There are many open spaces in the St. Joseph area. The city is situated in Great Plains on the bank of the Missouri River in the northwest portion of the state. At the start of totality, 1:06pm, the sun will be high in the sky. There are many eclipse viewing opportunities in the area.

Official eclipse viewing venues may be established as August 21, 2017 nears. These may be set up to take advantage of the open spaces near the city where a large number of visitors could park.

There is an extensive network of roads in the area, including several highways. Congestion is very likely on the day of the eclipse as the duration of totality is very high, over 2.5 minutes. Travelers should arrive early and expect some difficulty when departing.

Last Minute Accommodations

Those eclipse viewers arriving at the last minute may find limited accommodation options. Visitors may want to consider staying in Kansas City or Omaha, and driving to an eclipse viewing location. As mentioned, however, traffic congestion is likely to be heavy on the day of the eclipse.

Area Weather Possibilities

St. Joseph is usually sunny and generally dry in August. Unfortunately, thunderstorms may develop at this time of year. Clear skies are vital for eclipse watching. Eclipse viewers will want to monitor the local weather forecast in advance. Moving to a more suitable viewing location may be necessary if bad weather is due.

Alternate Viewing Possibilities to Counter Bad Weather

If the weather in St. Joseph is poor for eclipse viewing, the next best viewing would be towards Kansas City or even as far away as Columbia, Missouri. This community is about 3 hours away to the east.

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