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Glendo, Wyoming is located on US Interstate 25 and is about 1.5 hours north of Cheyenne, Wy. Glendo is located in the center of the eclipse path so nearly 2.5 minutes of totality is possible here. The town is very small with limited commercial services. Glendo State Park is nearby offering many camping spaces and room for thousands of eclipse visitors.

Eclipse Viewing Venues

In addition to Glendo Park, the best eclipse viewing locations will be in the open fields around the town. Totality starts at 11:45am and the sun will be high in the southern sky. A clear view of the sun should be possible in most areas.

Last Minute Accommodations

Accommodation options are very limited in Glendo. There are camping spaces available at the state park and at some local private establishments. Those intending to stay in the area should book their space well in advance.

Area Weather Possibilities

The late August weather in Glendo is usually clear and sunny. Eclipse watchers should be wary of thunderstorms. Since clear weather is vital for eclipse watching, eclipse viewers will want to monitor the forecast in advance of August 21. If bad weather is expected for the area, moving to a more suitable viewing location is advised.

Alternate Viewing Possibilities to Counter Bad Weather

The area around Glendo offers few options for those who seek to avoid bad weather. Travel to the west or east on Interstate 25 may be options to consider. This freeway Cuts across the zone of totality. Finding a suitable viewing location may be possible as far away as Casper or Wheatland. Alternatively, the cities of Torrington, Scottsbluff in Wyoming, and Alliance, Nebraska are east on US highway #26. Torrington is about an hour away, Scottsbluff is under two and Alliance, Nebraska is about 3 hours away.

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