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Charleston is located on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. The population of Charleston is well over 100,000 and over 750,000 in the area. There are full commercial services available such as hotels, shopping and other services in the area. Nearby attractions include many historical sites and the scenic Atlantic coastline.

Eclipse Viewing Venues

The city is close to the southern limit of the zone of totality. The duration of totality at 2:46pm is just over 1.5 minutes. In the northeast direction, the duration increases to over 2.5 minutes about 40 miles away. There are many open viewing locations around Charleston. The sun will be high in the mid-afternoon sky.

Official eclipse viewing venues may be established as August 21, 2017 nears. These may be set up to take advantage of the open spaces near the city where a large number of visitors could park.

While there is an extensive network of roads in the area, these may become quite congested on the day of the eclipse. Travelers should arrive early and expect some difficulty when departing.

Last Minute Accommodations

Those eclipse viewers arriving at the last minute may find limited accommodation options. Visitors may want to check accommodation options along the South Carolina coast or in Savannah, Georgia as well. These are within easy driving distances to good eclipse viewing locations. As mentioned, however, traffic congestion is likely to be heavy on the day of the eclipse.

Area Weather Possibilities

Charleston is often sunny and dry in August but there can be rainy days as well. Unfortunately, thunderstorms may develop at this time of year. Clear weather is vital for eclipse watching. Eclipse viewers will want to monitor the local weather forecast in advance. Moving to a more suitable viewing location may be necessary if bad weather is due.

Alternate Viewing Possibilities to Counter Bad Weather

If the weather in Charleston is poor for eclipse viewing, eclipse watchers will want to travel to the northwest to locations such as Columbia or Greenville in South Carolina, about 3 hours travel time.

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