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Baker City, Oregon, is located on Interstate 84 in the east of the state. The population is just under 10,000. There is little developed infrastructure of commercial services such as hotels, shopping and other services. Area attractions include many acres of Nation Forest and several local parks. The area was an important gold producing region, historically.

Eclipse Viewing Venues

There are many open fields near Baker City. The town is situated in a wide valley to the east of a mountain range and mountains are near to the south. At the start of totality, around 10:24am, the sun will be at 44 degrees elevation, fairly low in the southeast. To view the eclipse, find a location with as clear view to the east as possible. There are many such open spaces near Baker City. South of the city offers a longer duration of totality but viewing opportunities may be more limited.

Official eclipse viewing venues may be established as August 21, 2017 nears. These may be set up to take advantage of the open spaces near the city where a large number of visitors could park.

Because there is only a single Interstate freeway at Baker City, congestion is likely on the day of the eclipse. Travelers should arrive early and expect some difficulty when departing.

Last Minute Accommodations

Those eclipse viewers arriving at Baker City at the last minute may be disappointed. Accommodation options, if any, will likely be extremely limited. Visitors may want to consider staying in Boise, Idaho and driving for about 2 hours to a Baker City eclipse viewing location. As mentioned, however, traffic congestion on I-84 is likely to be heavy on the day of the eclipse.

Area Weather Possibilities

Baker City, Oregon is usually sunny and dry in August. Clouds may form in at this time of year, although rainfall is unlikely. Since clear weather is vital for eclipse watching, eclipse viewers will want to monitor the forecast in advance of August 21. If bad weather is predicted for the area, moving to a more suitable viewing location is advised.

Alternate Viewing Possibilities to Counter Bad Weather

There are very limited eclipse viewing options for Baker City in the event of cloudy weather. If the weather is poor here, it may be similar to the west at Salem. The next nearest eclipse city that may have better weather prospects is Idaho Falls, Idaho. This is about 6 hours away. If the decision is made to travel this far for the eclipse, you should do so on August 20, ideally. This would provide ample time to be set up for the eclipse at the new location.

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